Electric cars – New charging technology could solve one of the biggest issues with EVs

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A new set of electric car charging points could solve one of the biggest problems still in place with EVs. Electric cars are set to boom in popularity over the next few years as they get cheaper, longer range and more variants become available. One of the most substantial issues with electric cars is the availability of suitable charging for a motorist without off-road parking. It is assumed that the majority of charging will take place at home but this is not something feasible for all motorists.

A lot of households may not have off-road parking or the luxury of a driveway or garage to house a charging point.

Therefore, there is a need for on-street charging points for these drivers.

Some possible solutions include installing charge points into lampposts on the road.

Another potential is one created by firm Urban Electric while revealed its UEone retractable charge point.

These points can retract into the pavement floor, hiding away from view when not in use.

A trial scheme is soon to take place in an Oxford street later this year.

Six UEone EV charge points with Ohme’s smart charging system will be utilised in one road in the trial.

A crowdfunding campaign raised £250,000 for the firm which backed the installation of up to 18 second generation ‘demonstrator’ pop-up sites.

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A further £452,000 funded was awarded to the company as part of a £3.8 million Innovate UK project.

It will see a roll-out of around 100 charge points across Dundee and Plymouth.

Innovate UK’s Director of Clean Growth and Infrastructure, Ian Meikle, said the UEone “has the potential to be rolled out across the whole of the UK.”

Urban Electric co-founder Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson said: “In recognition of its critical role, the UK government this week announced additional funding for on-street charging.

“Pop-up charging hubs offer a scalable solution for more than 190 million on-street parking spaces in European cities alone, enabling those without off-street residential parking to switch to an EV.

“If you are one of the eight million UK drivers that park your vehicle on your street at night, the convenience of charging there as well while you sleep is unbeatable – simply plug-in when you get home in the evening for a full charge in the morning.”

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