How to Make Yarn Tassel Earrings

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If you want to wear colorful earrings which make a statement, tassel earrings are the way to go! Did you know you can make tassel earrings yourself at home using yarn and a few other simple, cheap supplies? In this video tutorial, you can follow along and create your own.

Tassel yarn earrings finished held in hands.

Tassel earrings displayed on a heart shaped box.

How to Make Tassel Earrings With Yarn

What is awesome about making your own tassel earrings at home is that you can customize just your liking. Instead of searching far and wide for tassel earrings in the perfect color, you can simply choose any yarn you want at the store and make your own.

Tassel yarn earrings are displayed in a box.

What Do You Need to Make Yarn Tassel Earrings?

To make your yarn tassel earrings, you will of course need yarn in a color of your preference. You are also going to need some jewelry wire. Jewelry wire comes in different gauges. I recommend 20 gauge if you’re not sure what to get. It is an all-around useful wire size and easy to work with.

Additionally, you will need some faux pearls or other beads, and you will need to pick up some earring hooks as well.

In terms of tools, a pair of scissors will be required to cut the yarn. You will also need a pair of needle-nose pliers to help you bend and shape the wire and a pair of diagonal pliers to cut the wire.

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Earrings are displayed hanging from the rim of a cup.

DIY Yarn Tassel Earrings Spruce Up Any Outfit

Once you have crafted your yarn tassel earrings, you can wear them to add a splash of color and boldness to any look.

Yarn tassel earrings also make an excellent gift for a fellow jewelry lover. You can personalize them by choosing colors and materials for the yarn and beads which you know will suit the recipient.

Yarn tassel earrings are displayed against a pink backdrop.

Step-by-Step Yarn Tassel Earrings Video Tutorial


Yield: 2

How to Make Yarn Tassel Earrings

Let’s not wait any longer to create our own DIY yarn tassel earrings. You can review the materials and tools you will require in the list below. You also can find written instructions to go with the step-by-step video tutorial.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  • Yarn
  • Jewelry wire
  • Beads
  • Earring hooks


  • Scissors
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Diagonal pliers


    To start making your first earring, spool the yarn around your finger a number of times, and then cut it.

    Spool the yarn around your finger before cutting it.

    Pull the second piece of yarn through the middle of the small spool you created and out the other side as shown. If it is still attached to the main spool of yarn, cut it off so it is independent.Pull a second piece of yarn through the small spool you made.

    Cut off a third piece of yarn, and wrap that around and around the top of the small spool where the second piece of yarn is looped through. Then tie it securely. This will be the top of your tassel.Tie a third string around the top of the tassel.

    It is now time to do some trimming. Use your scissors to cut through the bottom of the loop so that you have lots of yarn ends hanging down. If necessary, keep trimming so that all the ends are even.Trim the ends of the tassel.

    Your tassel is starting to look like a tassel.

    Trim the loose ends of what I called the “third piece of yarn” earlier—the one you wrapped around the top of your tassel.Your tassel looks even more like a tassel now.

    Now you are going to slice through the remaining two pieces of yarn which are currently sticking out of the top of your tassel (what I called the “second piece of yarn” before).Cut off the two pieces of yarn sticking out of the top of the tassel.

    Yay! You have made a tassel. Time to create the rest of the earring!

    Use a pair of diagonal pliers to snip off a piece of wire to work with.

    Push the wire through the top of your tassel, looping it around so that it holds in place. If you put a curve in it like a hook at the end before inserting it, that should allow it to hold. It should come straight out of the top.

    Note: You may be able to bend the wire with your fingers, but if you need more precision, that is what the needle nosed pliers are for.Insert the wire into the tassel so it pokes out through the top

    Thread several beads onto the wire above the tassel.

    Push the end of your wire through the bail attached to your earring hook.Push the wire through the bail of your earring hook.

    Push the bail down so that it is right above the top bead. Cut off the excess wire, and then loop the remaining bit down so that the bail is hooked on securely.Remove the excess wire

    To make a second earring, just repeat all of the steps above, taking your time to ensure that the two are identical.The tassel earrings are completed and ready to wear.

    A woman wears a completed tassel earring.Tassel earrings hang in a box displayed next to an ornate mirror.Tassel earrings hang displayed from a basket.

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