DIY Rustic Butterfly Decoration from an Old Book

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If you love paper crafts and you enjoy everything rustic, there’s nothing more fun than making beautiful crafts out of old book pages. In today’s video tutorial, you will learn how you can make hanging rustic butterfly décor from an old book and some keys.

Rustic old book butterflies are lovely displayed against a wall.

How to Make Butterflies from an Old Book

This is a fast and easy old book craft. You only need a few pages to make a number of butterflies. How many you make is up to you. You can make them all the same size, as I did, or you can make them in a variety of sizes.

Old book butterflies are displayed against a wall.

What You Need for this Old Book Paper Craft

To make this rustic paper craft, you just need a few basic supplies. You’ll need a pair of scissors, some hot glue and a glue gun. You’ll require some twine and an old book that you are willing to cut up.

You will need a couple of other things as well. In order to create the shapes of butterflies on the pages to cut out, you will need butterfly stencils of some variety. If you want to reproduce the results of this craft closely, you will need the same shape of stencil in two different sizes, one slightly smaller than the other.

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Download our butterfly templates here: butterfly_template.jpeg (Can be printed black and white)

You will also need keys, which will serve as the bodies of your butterflies. You can use any types of keys that you want, but you will achieve the best rustic effect if you go with vintage skeleton keys. If you do not have any of these, you can purchase them by the lot online.

Rustic butterflies made with old book pages and keys are ready to hang.

What to Do With Butterflies from an Old Book

After you complete this craft, you can hang up your butterflies anywhere you please. You can put them against a wall or simply hang them from the ceiling anywhere in a room.

Old book butterflies spruce up a wooden cabinet.

How to Make This Rustic Butterfly Décor Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Ready to get started making butterflies from an old book and keys? Find the quick list of materials and tools required below along with written instructions to accompany the video tutorial.


Yield: 5

DIY Rustic Butterfly Decoration from an Old Book

Love rustic crafts using the pages of old books? You’ll have fun making these butterflies from an old book with our easy video tutorial.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors

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What to Make Next If You Enjoyed This Old Book Craft
These are the materials you need to make rustic butterflies from an old book.

If you had a good time making hanging butterfly decorations out of an old book, you should enjoy making some other rustic old book crafts. And you’re in luck because we have a number of tutorials for other old book projects here on our site.

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In fact, if you have fun with that craft project, you can learn 10 other easy ways to make DIY book page roses. We also have a number of Christmas crafts you can make out of old book pages, such as this tutorial to create a beautiful snowflake.

Have fun, and explore our archives for many more rustic craft project tutorials!

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