British turntable legend Krafty Kuts on his new album with Jurassic 5 rapper Chali 2na

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HIP HOP has changed so much since it first emerged from the Bronx way back when.

 Krafty Kuts and Chali 2na


Krafty Kuts and Chali 2na

Similar to the current trend in dance music, looking back at the history of the music inspires new ways of moving forward and ensures the constant evolution of the art form. Krafty Kuts and Chali 2na’s new album is a shining example of this.

After heroically launching first single ‘Guard The Fort’ at the BBC 6 Music Festival back in March, Krafty Kuts and the Jurassic 5 rapper finally unleashed their new album ‘Adventures Of A Reluctant Superhero’ last Friday. The long player is a journey through funk, breaks, rolling basslines with buckets of groove and everything in-between. Speaking to The Night Bazaar, Martin Reeves aka Krafty Kuts says:

‘I do love some of the new hip-hop, but I feel the lyrics are not quite as cool as they once were in some songs. Back in the day there was soul, funk, disco, jazz, rock and I feel this is missing in quite a lot of the new music.’

The new album infuses a cornucopia of styles and features a who’s-who of collabs and guest appearances from hip hop royalty. Krafty says:

‘The artists that we worked with are just so professional, getting them in the studio was a blast. Harry Shotta, Dynamite MC are both good friends and excellent MCs, so that just worked perfectly. Chali worked with Skye before and we contacted her – she was like “hell yeah.” She came into the studio and nailed it on both tracks – a wonderful person to work with and just so humble. Chali was a big fan of Omar so we got his contact details. He loved the backing track and that all just fell into place. Everyone involved has been so cool to work with, it has been quite refreshing to be honest. The collaborations all sound pretty dope to me and it’s hard to pick out a favourite.’

 Krafty Kuts and. Chali 2na


Krafty Kuts and. Chali 2na

Between them, Chali 2na and Krafty Kuts in their careers have worked with the best of the best – from Jurassic 5 to The Prodigy and even performing alongside The Rolling Stones, so it’s no secret that their collaborations are recognised at the highest levels of the industry and prevalent on this album.

‘Adventures Of A Reluctant Superhero’ also employs the nostalgic nature of an album being more than just a collection of music. The superhero concept is carried through the release on the accompanying artwork from Jake Detonator. Krafty says:

‘Jake’s artwork over the years has been exceptional and he has worked on so many incredible projects like Star Wars, Prodigy LP – covers you should check this dude out he is a genius. Chali is a big comic fan so it kind of drifted towards these elements and we then took that path and together we came up with this wonderful concept. All the artists involved loved the idea so basically, we stuck with the plan and this is how it all unfolded.’

The two vigilantes will be flying from town to town fully equipped with vinyl crates and a mic over the summer. The crusade will be taking hip-hop back to its roots over the next few months and those of you lucky enough to catch them are in for a treat if this album is anything to go by. Krafty finishes his chat with The Night Bazaar by telling them:

‘The electronic and more uptempo music I play is always fun and you’re in charge of your own destiny – you can take the crowd where you feel. It is a totally different vibe altogether. Chali is just incredible on the mic and when working with him he just oozes class. He takes to the stage and always delivers and is so professional, it is amazing. Every time we perform he nails it and gets the crowd hyped.’ 

Chali 2na and Krafty Kuts – Adventures Of A Reluctant Superhero is available HERE now.


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