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As the majority of technology companies open up offices in Jakarta to tap into the growing middle class, several other companies are taking a different approach, instead heading to villages to empower villagers through digital technology while helping to monitor forests in the process.
Internet service provider PT Telekomunikasi Desa Indonesia (TDI) and technology startup Rainforest Connection are among such companies.
The newly established TDI is cooperating with village-owned enterprises in West Sumatra to provide local enterprises with new business, enabling locals to provide internet services for their communities.
TDI president director Teddy Tri Cahyono said the company had teamed up with village-owned enterprises in Tabek Patah and Pakan Rabaa Timur villages in Tanah Datar regency, West Sumatra, to provide villagers with internet.
“One of our solutions is to prov…

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