Best Unisex Clothes from Urban Outfitters Fall 2019

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In 2019, unisex fashion is having a major moment, and it’s the type of evolution the industry needs. One of our favorite fashion takeaways is that if you like something, you should wear it. It’s really that simple. Whether that’s an oversize t-shirt, statement jacket, or even cute skirt, wear what makes you feel like yourself. Urban Outfitters is one of our favorite places to turn for pieces that are the right mix of trendy and timeless. They’re not so seasonal that you’ll want to throw them out in a few months, but they’re definitely cool. We found 15 pieces than anyone, regardless of gender, will want to borrow.

Whether you’re looking for utilitarian jackets or tie-dye t-shirts, we’ve got you covered. We also found some impossibly cool printed pants you’ll want to wear every single day. Seriously, we might recommend a lock on your closet, because everyone will be clamoring for these.

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