Why Dream Team keeps us up at night but we love it anyway

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Dream Team is the bane of my life, but it’s still difficult to imagine the football season without it.

I’m that guy who spends hours analysing every player’s fixtures, studying form and stacking my Dream Team with hidden gems.

Sign up for Dream Team now

Sign up for Dream Team now

And yet, every season without fail, I’m beaten by the punters, the guys who captain Shane Duffy and watch him bag a hat-trick of headers.

Ten hidden gems to pick for your Dream Team XI

Last season, Vincent Kompany’s wondergoal against Leicester saw me usurped as a league leader with one week to go. He wasn’t even expected to start.

Meanwhile, there I was, double figures on my bench, with my captain skying a penalty into Row Z.

There’s an annual sense of despair come May, another season ending in disappointment.

But as Steven Gerrard once said, ‘we go again!’ This is my year! Luka Milivojevic is going to guide my Dream Team to glory! And the cycle continues as I sign up.

That feeling when your mates beat you at Dream Team


That feeling when your mates beat you at Dream Team

The truth is, while some of us are lucky enough to do it for a living, we all consider ourselves to be football experts, and fantasy football is where we try and prove it.

But what makes it so fun is its knack for showing the experts how little they know, because the Premier League is so wonderfully unpredictable.

Like Liverpool, Kompany’s belter ended my title ambitions


Like Liverpool, Kompany’s belter ended my title ambitions

In a game increasingly dominated by numbers, it’s comforting to know that a big centre-back might just smack one into the top corner when you least expect it.

And if you can get bragging rights over your mates in the process, well that’s what football’s all about, isn’t it?

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