Try Tom Brady’s Full Body Workout With Exercise Bands

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You might be surprised to hear that Tom Brady doesn’t lift weights. Then again, you might not be, since the GOAT QB isn’t exactly known for conventionality.

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Early in his career, Brady was a weight room warrior. “I was like every other American kid,” he told Men’s Health for our September cover feature covering his prep for year 20 (!) in the NFL. “I believed if you want to get good, you gotta go squat and bench, and it’s all I ever did.”

But when he started struggling with injuries, he switched up his approach with the help of trainer Alex Guerrero. One of the biggest changes: Ditching the weights for exercise bands to use a different type of resistance.

If you’re curious about how bands could work for you, check out more on that here. If you’re convinced already, try this routine Brady uses for his own workouts. Need a band? Use the one Brady does to really train like the GOAT.

The Brady Exercise Band Workout

All movement starts with your core. Use these exercises from Alex Guerrero to improve your overall athleticism and reduce back pain. The resistance of the band should be high enough that you must brace your core to prevent the band from pulling you. Do 3 rounds.

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1. Banded Pallof Press Squat


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Anchor a band at shoulder height and hold it directly in front of you. Pull to your chest, then press out and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Rise and repeat 10 times per side.

2. Lateral-Resisted Bird Dog


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On all fours, place a band around your hips and anchor on your left side. Brace your core and raise your right arm and left leg. Alternate sides and repeat 10 times. Switch the anchor to your right and repeat.

3. Resisted Lateral Walking Plank


Pete Sucheski

Get in a high plank, hands under your shoulders, with a band around your hips anchored on your left side. “Walk” away from the anchor by jacking your feet and hands. Go out 5 steps and then back.

4. Four-Way Band Running in Place


Pete Sucheski

Stand with an anchored band around your hips and run in place, facing away from the anchor for 20 seconds; repeat in 3 other directions (facing the anchor, to the left, and to the right).

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