How to Wear a Dress Over a T-Shirt 2019

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I love the fashion of the ’90s. That casual grunge that was equal parts easy-going and fun-loving was, whether you follow the retro trends to a T or take a few updating liberties, a simple example of camp brought to the streets. Sure, it wasn’t a dress made of meat or a tulle confection that made it hard to sit down without taking up three seats, but the kind of fashion that came with the ’90s reminded us all that style is really about how you mix and match a look to make it uniquely yours, not about buying something stuffy right off the rack.

One of the best go-to looks to come out of the decade was the t-shirt and sleeveless dress combo. Not only does it have very deep roots in my heart (it was certainly part of my daily uniform for more years than I care to admit), but it’s coming back with a vengeance, and I have already completely reverted back to my old layering ways. There is something for everyone in this high-low look, as you can go from a vintage rocker tee and slip dress to a more fitted and clean white t-shirt and printed silk dress for a slightly more elevated take on the theme.

For all that and more, shop my favorite combinations of the moment right here.

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