Amazon Drop x The Fashion Guitar

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Along with my toothpaste, paper towels, and less-than-glamorous household order, I scored a breezy Summer maxi dress from The Fashion Guitar‘s (aka Charlotte Groeneveld’s) fashion collaboration with Amazon. Decidedly more glamorous, no? Thanks to Amazon’s next big move in the fashion space, The Drop, you can now shop a limited-edition capsule with one of the industry’s biggest influencers. The 14-piece collection features trend-driven seasonal pieces, like biker shorts in bright pink and smocked off-the-shoulder tops inspired by the street style fans and followers have seen on Charlotte’s Instagram (which boasts nearly half a million followers!) and blog. What’s more, there’s nothing in the lineup over $100. The only catch? This collection will only last for 30 hours from its launch date, which means you’ve only got hours left to shop.

The good news? Amazon’s Drop will continue to feature street-style inspired collaborations with your favorite influencers. So, if you miss this one, rest assured they’ve got something else in the works. Don’t they always?

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