Gen Z Fashion Brands 2019

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It’s no secret that the emergence of the digital sphere has made it easier than ever for brands to be discovered. Through the power of Instagram, the social media #influence of Generation Z has revolutionized “content” as a marketing tool. I would know — my post-dot-com-bubble birth date means that my peers and I were essentially raised online. Our favorite celebrities were too, and now their style is more accessible than ever. Accounts like @closetofhadids give insider info about how to shop exactly like the street style cool girls of today.

This new wave of fashion exposure has paved way for boutique brands to gain traction at a previously unseen pace. A tag from someone with a following allows a lesser-known brand to be instantly shown to millions across the platform around the world. However, it also means that there are a TON of brands to sift through, and we don’t always have the time to spend hours perusing Instagram. If you want to find outfit inspo from the *it girls* of 2019, look no further. For those in the market for fashion that can’t be found at the mall, here’s a list of 23 brands that my generation is wearing.

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