11 Discoveries From Internet Users That the Entire World Needs to Know Right Now

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It seems that many internet users have excellent observation skills. Someone just noticed that lines in the freezer were made for meat trays. Another one shared their life hack of how to re-attach a zipper. One way or another, these findings make our life so much more interesting.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t pass by these discoveries and thought that you might find them really useful.

“Today I learned that the woman in American Gothic is the farmer’s daughter, not his wife.”

It turned out that Rose wasn’t on the door, but on the door frame of Titanic. That’s why Jack couldn’t fit on it with her.

“I couldn’t believe that these cat nail covers actually existed.”

“I found out that harvest mice like to crawl inside flowers to eat the pollen and sometimes fall asleep inside.”

How to re-attach your zipper:

By the way, the thieves from 101 Dalmatians were Doctor House and Arthur Weasley.

Writing dates and hours on the packaging of your medication eliminates the “Did I remember to take it this afternoon or do I need to take it now?” problem.

Did you know that you can do this if you mistakenly lock your keys inside the car?

Fresh almonds are actually green and fuzzy.

“How old were you when you found out that the lines on the bottom of the freezer were made to stand the meat trays up?”

This is how women can zip up their dress alone.

Bonus: When you’ve suddenly discovered a new Avenger:

Which facts would you add to this list? Describe or show them to us in the comments below.

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