Tech snag forces IndiGo Lucknow flight to return to Mumbai

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A Lucknow-bound IndiGo flight carrying around 143 passengers returned to the city airport on August 4, almost an hour after its departure from here, due to a technical glitch, officials said.

IndiGo confirmed the incident and said that the pilot decided to return the aircraft to Mumbai due to an “indication error“.

The flight landed safely at around 8.50 pm, an airport official said.

“The local standby was declared at 8.20 pmfor IndiGo flight 6E6446, operating on Mumbai-Lucknow route, due to a technical snag in the Airbus A320,” said the official.

The flight, which departed at 7.52 pm, landed back around 8.50 pm, according to the official.

Later, IndiGo, in a statement to PTI said that the Mumbai-Lucknow flight made a mid-air turnback due to an indication error.

The A320 plane was carrying around 143 passengers, the statement said, adding that it made a precautionary landing and all the passengers were safe.

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