How to Make Beautiful Roses from Egg Cartons

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Just finished up a carton of eggs? Wait—don’t throw away the carton! There are so many creative crafts that you can make using egg cartons. Today, you will learn how to make a particularly elegant egg carton craft. We’re going to be turning old egg cartons into beautiful roses.

Egg cartons can be made into lovely roses.

How to Make Egg Carton Roses

Considering how realistic the result of this craft is, you might think that making it would be a complicated challenge. But in actuality, there are just a few simple steps to transform a carton into a rose.

Easy to make egg carton roses.

Supplies You Need to Make Egg Carton Roses

One of the best things about this craft is how few supplies you need to make it. This not only means that it is easy to get prepared, but also that this is a very cost-effective craft.

You are going to need an egg carton, so simply hang onto one after you finish eating all of the eggs. That supply is essentially free since you probably would’ve bought and eaten the eggs anyway.

You are going to need a pair of scissors and some glue. You can go with hot glue and a glue gun, but other types of glue should work just fine for this project as well.

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Next up on your supply list is paint. Roses come in many colors, so you can choose whatever colors of paint you want. You can use paint and a paintbrush or spray paint.

I highly recommend you choose spray paint. Spray paint can easily reach into all the crevices between the petals. You will have a more difficult time doing this with a small paintbrush. So make it easy on yourself and obtain a better result with a can of spray paint.

Only a few supplies are needed to make egg carton roses.

What Can You Do With Egg Carton Roses?

Egg carton roses look beautiful no matter where or how you display them. You may find that they work great as embellishments for other craft projects, or you might just display them on their own.

Egg carton roses are beautiful to display on their own or to integrate into other craft projects.

Supplies needed for the egg carton craft.

How to Make Roses Out of an Egg Carton Step-by-Step Video and Photo Tutorial

Now that we have talked about what you need to do this project, let’s move onto the actual steps. A quick list of the materials and tools you need can be found below along with written instructions to go with the video tutorial.


Yield: 1

How to Make Beautiful Roses from Egg Cartons

Did you know you can make roses out of an egg carton? Find out how to make this beautiful craft out of just a handful of cheap supplies.


  • Paint (or spray paint)
  • Scissors


  1. For each rose, you are going to need it four egg cups from the carton. So your first step is to cut each of these out individually.Use your scissors to cut out four individual egg cups from the carton.
  2. Once you have separated the egg cups, you will need to trim away any excess sticking out at the top of each. They should be smooth cone shapes by the time you’re done with them.Trim away excess from the top of each of the egg cups.
  3. Next, pick up one of the cups, and cut inward from the edges toward the center five times at evenly-spaced intervals. Do not cut all the way to the center. Flatten out the five protruding “petals” you have created. If you need to do any trimming along the way to perfect the shape, do so.Cut the egg cup and flatten it, creating a shape with five protruding petals.
  4. Right now, your petals don’t quite look right. Their edges are not nicely curved, and look a bit “abrupt.” Trim them carefully with your scissors so that they have a natural curve to them.You have just created a shape with five petals.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 with the remaining egg cups so that you have a total of four of them. All should appear to be identical to one another.You now have four identical five-pointed shapes.
  6. The next step is a little bit tricky to describe, although it is not difficult to carry out. You will need to dab a little bit of glue in the center of one of the pieces you have created. You then need to start pushing the petals inward at the base, adding more glue as required. Remember, the center of a rose is fairly dense, so the petals should be fairly tight. You can kind of sculpt their tops as you go, pushing them back with your fingers so that they look more like real rose petals.Put some glue in the middle.Push the petals together and glue them as you go.
  7. Once you have the first/inner layer of petals sculpted to your liking, you can glue on the second set of petals below it. You can then start pushing those petals inward and gluing/shaping as needed. Once you have added on that layer, you can proceed with the third and fourth ones, working your way outward toward the edge of the rose.Keeping adding layers of petals and shaping them to create your rose.Continue gluing on layers of petals and shaping them.
  8. After you have finished adding on your petal layers and arranging them to your liking, you will have a completed egg carton rose blossom.You have now created a rose out of an egg carton.
  9. As one last step, you can paint your rose if you want. It is easiest to do this using spray paint, as discussed in the introduction to this tutorial.Spray paint your rose any color you like.
  10. Your completed roses look astonishingly realistic!Roses made from egg cartons are amazingly beautiful.It was amazingly easy to make this stunning rose from an egg carton.Egg cartons make surprisingly convincing roses.

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Projects to Try After Making Egg Carton Roses

Did you have a blast making these elegant roses out of ordinary egg cartons? There are other egg carton crafts you can try! This is an Easter craft, but you can try creating hens out of an egg carton.

They’re so adorable that they are great for any time of year. We also have a list of 35 impossibly creative projects you can make using egg cartons (seriously, you’ll never throw away another carton again).

Looking for other ways to create DIY roses? Check out 10 easy ways to make gorgeous roses out of book pages. We’ve also got a free pattern plus a video tutorial which teaches you how to crochet a rose.

I hope you have fun with all of these crafts and that you check back soon for more video tutorials!

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