Kate Bosworth’s Pink Bikini Instagram 2019

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It’s not like I ever stopped loving pink, ruffled swimsuits like the one Kate Bosworth wore on vacation in Puerto Rico. It’s just that, at some point, I moved onto supertrendy cuts and silhouettes. I wanted to try belted swimwear when it became a thing! This year, I was excited to go cheeky and also sort of into the resurgence of the tankini. I’m really not sure why I don’t own a single bikini like Kate Bosworth’s, in all its girlie, gingham glory. But it reminds me of my youth — it takes me back to the days when I liked to pretend I was a princess in swimsuits with affixed skirts and bow embellishments. Now I want a new one just like it!

“1st weekend off in Puerto Rico, straight to the beach (my happy place),” Kate captioned her photo series, shot by Angela Martino. Kate drank from a coconut in her adorable set, added slouchy cutoffs and flat sandals to go bike riding, and showed off the design’s halter style from behind while posing in the sand. If you, too, are wondering where your playful or flirty suits have gone and you want to get on Kate’s level before the end of the season, I rounded up a bunch of options that fit the bill ahead.

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