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Going up

Rave flyer graphics, circa 1994 As seen in the club scene in Beats. All hail the fractal.

Sub-zero skincare From teas to serums, freezable face products are a cooling go-to come summer. Make space alongside your ice cubes.

Kim Kardashian has inspired a bit of a post-retirement comeback for Thierry Mugler.

Kim Kardashian has inspired a bit of a post-retirement comeback for Thierry Mugler. Photograph: Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Thierry Mugler Having a bit of a post-retirement comeback, thanks to repeat wearings by Kim Kardashian.

Mooood boards Forget the cowboy hat – cow‑print clothes are next-level rodeo fashion (so long, leopard print).

Sainsbury’s bag for life Rihanna’s a fan and, naturally, so are we. Orange elephants never looked so chic.

Naperists As in: people who are very into napery, the noun for nice household linen – napkins, tablecloths. Us, basically.

Going down

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini: not your only caffeinated cocktail option. Photograph: Alamy

Espresso martinis Not your only caffeinated cocktail option. Swap for a coffee old fashioned (at Alchemista Coffee in Norwich or London’s Broadgate Grind).

Zips You’re going to want buttons this summer and, thanks to Meghan Markle, you’re going to want them in tortoiseshell.

Minimalist manicures Take nail charm inspo from Elle Fanning’s superbly unsubtle Met Gala look.

K-beauty Put down the snail slime and the sheet masks; A-beauty – from Australia – is having a moment.

Square sausages They might be the perfect shape for sandwiches, Aldi, but we’re not convinced. We’ll keep our bumpy butties, thanks very much.

Modest dressing Hike up those hemlines, your fave summer style just got shorter: cue the babydoll dress.

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