25 Astounding Times Genetics Showed Its Might

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When we hear the word “genes”, we immediately think about something scientific. But you don’t need to grab a textbook on biology to understand genetics — we’ll help you see their power in another way. Once you take a look at the photos below, it will all become quite clear.

We at Bright Side would like to show you how strong and cool genes are. It’s hard to believe some of these similarities! It’s worth noting that genes show their strength not only in the same nose, eyes, or smile. And we’re ready to prove this to be true in the bonus feature of the article!

1. Being cool is a sign of kinship.

2. “Do I look like my mom or what!?”

3. “My firstborn in 2015 (left) and my second child in 2019 (right) — they both had the same due date but are 4 years apart!”

4. Legally Blonde Jr.

5. “Gave birth to a male version of myself.”

6. Mommy’s twin

7. This mother and son have the same face.

8. Granddaughters with their grandmothers

9. A branded family smile

10. “She definitely favors her dad but she’s mine too!”

11. No DNA test needed!

12. These eyes are a family trait.

13. “My mom and my niece at their respective proms 70 years apart”

14. Beauty is in the genes.

15. Sisters? More like twins…

16. Poses are also inherited.

17. This daughter got her mother’s beauty.

18. “That afro flow runs in the family.”

19. The power of genetics in a brother and sister

20. Mommy’s copy

21. “I’ve always been told I look like my grandma.”

22. “My mom (Riga, 1990) and me (St. Petersburg, 2018)”

23. “My dad and me, both at age 3”

24. Her mother’s twin

25. “My mom at 17 vs me at 25 — unfortunately, I have my dad’s nose.”

Bonus: Genes rock not only when it comes to appearances.

“My grandpa, father, and myself (top left, bottom left, right) — 3 generations of aviators.”

“Me (1982) and my son (2012) — 30 years apart”

“My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent.”

Who of your family do you look like? What family traits have you inherited? Share your photos in the comments.

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