Kim Kardashian Black Minidress May 2019

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I’ll just come right out and say it, Kim Kardashian‘s version of the basics aren’t anything like mine. We might have the same essentials in our wardrobes — athleisure, go-to jeans, a great pair of trousers, and of course, the requisite LBD — but the similarities likely end there. If I’m pulling out a little black dress for a cocktail party or date night with my husband, there’s likely, um, more material than there was on the one Kim rolled up to dinner with Kanye in on Thursday night.

The little mini Kim showed off in LA cinched her waist and showed off her stems, which were clad in ankle-wrap stilettos, that curled around her calves like obedient snakes. So sure, the general idea of slipping into an LBD for a date might seem very rudimentary, but there was nothing basic about Kim’s look. And, I have to give it up for Kim — whatever the occasion, the style star is so clearly dressing for herself, her every look an extension of her sexy fashion-forward brand.

On that note, even if Kim’s sultry anniversary date-night look isn’t for you, there’s a style lesson in here somewhere — can you feel it? The idea, that no matter what the event or the reason, you continue to find the clothes that speak to you, make you happy, and generally support your own figurative “brand”. And, if by chance, you’re looking to spice up your own night-out looks and this one speaks to you, then by all means, soak up the inspiration and let Kim convince you to lean into your sexy side a little too.

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