Why It’s Better to Enjoy Being Single Until You Find “the One” Meant Just for You

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Research has shown that being single has many benefits: single women are more likely to have better overall health and have a stronger determination. So it would be wise to use these precious benefits to your advantage. And even if you’ve dreamt of meeting your Prince Charming since you were a little girl, there’s something you might be thankful to know: keeping your distance from some guys until you meet the right one can be a blessing. We’re here to tell you why.

Bright Side has got your back in relationship matters, so we’d like to share some advice with you that may save you some tears in the future and gift you with everlasting smiles.

Maybe it’s been a while since the last time you were single or perhaps you’ve been alone for ages. Either way, it’s good to know that it’s better to own your single years until you meet the right man. The idea behind this is simple: You want to give yourself some time to develop into a reliable and committed partner but, most of all, you want to be the type of woman who won’t settle for someone who doesn’t deserve her.

As we mature, we realize who we want to be and who we want to be with. Sure, Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist, but Mr. Right does. Try seeing your single years as strategy years, where you discover the features you want in a man. Here are some clues about what you should be looking for in your future partner that will make the wait worthwhile.

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1. He can’t be apart from you.

Ok, he may be able to be apart from you for a little while, but only when it’s necessary. Like when either of you needs to rest or grow as a person. He’ll love that you go on vacation with your girlfriends or that you got that internship in Europe. But he won’t enjoy it. He’ll miss you because he doesn’t want the 2 of you to be apart. In fact, research shows your soulmate should perceive you as a couple and be ready for the commitment.

2. He talks to you daily to check up on you.

Our lives can get extremely busy sometimes, but it’s better to keep it that way while we’re single, than to complicate it with someone who doesn’t have time for you. The right guy for you will make you his priority. It doesn’t matter that his job takes up most of his day; he’ll find a way to contact you daily while he longs to be next to you on the weekends. The happiness he feels when he’s close to you cannot compare to other types of fulfillment.

3. He makes you feel things you’ve never felt before.

Enjoy being single until someone makes you feel that your life has become a life with a profound and exciting meaning. You’ll be happy to know that this is backed by research. You will feel loved, protected, determined, and happy, even when you 2 go through harsh times. Wait, because a life next to an empty person is a waste, but a life filled with real love and meaning is worth it.

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4. He knows your flaws and loves you because of them.

It’s better to not settle for someone who doesn’t accept your flaws. However, one thing is a man who accepts them, and another thing is a man who lets them take over. Studies show the second choice is dangerous. Stay with the guy that is aware that your faults will never go away, but that still believes you can become a better person and thrive despite them. On the same token, don’t let go of the man that is willing to try to overcome his imperfections for you.

5. He doesn’t hide his emotions.

Love is something that is experienced fully, so when a person is in love, it shows. Love takes effort, time, and maybe some money. It’s a good idea to invest all of it on someone clear about their affection. Just remember, we’re all unique and express love differently. As Dr. Gary Chapman explains, don’t always expect a long kiss under the rain. Is he crazy about grabbing your hand? Does he bring you a KitKat when he drops by? Does he help you with your job? That’s a keeper!

6. You’re his plan for life.

He’s done with his search, girl. Investigations have concluded that a committed man has a plan, and it is you. The right man will design his life around you. He has made you his pillar and will build his future on it. There’s nothing that inspires him more than knowing that he’ll enjoy or face everything that’s coming with you. Why settle, even momentarily, for a man that would keep looking for another girl?

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7. You make him proud.

You make him proud because he admires you. Psychologists believe real love is not only a romantic feeling, but it’s also the admiration for the person that we chose to join. If there’s no admiration, appreciation, or gratitude from his side, what will he be able to give to you? Why would you do anything for him? On the contrary, if he tries to show off how kind, smart, pretty, and confident you are, let him, he can’t help but applaud you. After all, you’re the love of his life.

We hope that this list serves you as a first step toward embracing this stage of your life. But remember, when in doubt, always save your smiles for someone who can’t live without them.

So tell us, which relationship advice was the best you’ve ever received? What would you say to a younger you that has made some relationship mistakes? Raise your voice in the community!

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