Kim Kardashian Pink Dress at Kylie Jenner’s Skincare Party

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“Wrap me up in bubble tape, and send me to Kylie Jenner’s party!” That must have been what Kim Kardashian was thinking as she dreamed up the look she’d wear to her sister’s skincare celebration at Goya Studios in West Hollywood. There was a strict dress code for the bash, which was for the launch of Kylie Skin: pink outfits, please! While Kylie herself wore a ’70s-inspired cutout minidress, Kourtney wore magenta sequins, and Khloé strolled in in a latex catsuit.

Then there’s Kim, who slipped into what is quite possibly the tightest dress I could ever imagine walking in. That’s not to say the mom of four and lawyer-to-be didn’t have practice. Her Thierry Mugler Met Gala look famously disallowed her to sit or pee, and I’m guessing the slit on this design lent her a smidgen more leg room. Right, RIGHT?! I don’t know, I’m sweating just thinking about it.

Kim tied her hair back into a slick ponytail and accessorized her gown with rose-gold sky-high sandals. Her manicure matched the color scheme, which I noticed as she strolled to the car with confidence, flaunting her famous curves, zero sweat beads in sight. I don’t know how she does it in these outfits, you guys. And by it, I mean breathe.

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