18 Things American Tourists Do That Confuse the Rest of the World

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Every nationality has its signature stereotypes, and Americans, one of the largest populations in the world, are no different. While we shouldn’t paint every American traveler with the same brush, some of these stereotypes are perfectly harmless and amusingly accurate.

Bright Side is about to present 18 strange things that American tourists do that leave the rest of the world scratching their heads.

7. Being amazed by buildings that are over 200 years old

8. Speaking louder than others

9. Wearing funny T-shirts

10. Thinking in dollars no matter where they travel

13. Getting easily excited about everything

15. Wearing shorts no matter what season it is

17. Saying what state they’re from but not which country

18. Walking while eating and drinking

How accurate do you think these points are? Tell us what strange things tourists from your country do while abroad!

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