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Depending on where I shop, my bra size always changes. One store tells me I’m one cup size and another tells me I’m something else. All I know is bra shopping is complicated, no matter your bust size. Recently, I was on the hunt for a basic everyday bra, and it was so difficult to find the right choice. Not only are there thousands of options out there to shop, but also styles, colors, materials, cuts, pads . . . needless to say, it was overwhelming. In an effort to make shopping easier, I turned to Amazon. I knew the site would be filled with a ton of affordable options, and my favorite part: customer reviews.

When I buy products that I know have been tried and tested by others, it makes me feel more confident about my purchase, like I know what I’m getting before it even arrives. Once I started looking on Amazon, I was shocked at how many popular bra choices they had and how many reviews there were. As I scoured the comments, I eventually found my match, but to help you find yours, I’ve curated a list of the five bestselling choices ahead. From comfortable camis to strapless picks, no doubt you’ll find one. Take a look.

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