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Diane von Furstenberg launched her eponymous label in 1974 with a now-iconic wrap dress that’s become emblematic of her brand. Funnily enough, you won’t find a single one in her granddaughter’s newly launched TVF For DVF label. As Talita von Furstenberg unveils her first collection within her grandmother’s fashion house, the lineup looks very different than what we’ve come to know as classic DVF.

The Gen Z designer, who grew up immersed in her grandma’s business, is defining a new aesthetic that she hopes will appeal to a new generation of customers. Taking what she’s learned from being on the inside of the legacy brand, she’s cultivating shoppers from a different demographic, who might not yet be looking for a working wardrobe — or a wrap dress, for that matter. Instead, you’ll find a dreamy mix of romantic dresses and separates, finished in pastels and soft florals with romantic necklines and puffed sleeves. It’s the stuff you’ll likely spot on Instagram influencers. For more from Talita’s forthcoming collection, we chatted with the designer to get all the details.

POPSUGAR: How did you draw inspiration from your grandmother’s iconic line, and how is TVF different?
Talita von Furstenberg: My grandmother has a 40+-year-old brand, which includes iconic styles like the wrap dress. I set out to create something entirely different and speak to a new DVF customer and demographic. TVF For DVF is effortless, flowy, and soft. The TVF girl is juggling school, life, studies, and everything in between. There needs to be versatile, wearable pieces in her closet she can feel beautiful and confident in. I designed for the girl who loves to be feminine but effortless at the same time. The styles require minimal styling, and I’m happy to bring a bit of whimsy into the brand with TVF.

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PS: What’s your favorite piece from the new collection? What’s your grandmother’s favorite piece?
TVF: I love the entire collection, but the Rosemary dress especially. It can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories, and the petite floral print is so delicate and beautiful. I actually don’t know DVF’s favorite yet, I’ll have to ask, but she’s just as thrilled as me to see it all come to life. It’s truly been a dream of mine since I was 6 years old to get involved in fashion and be a part of DVF. To see it all happening has been incredibly rewarding and surreal.

PS: Who are you designing for, and who are you excited to see in your clothes?
TVF: I can’t wait to see how influencers I follow on Instagram style the pieces. I get style inspiration from Instagram, and I follow a lot of micro influencers because I feel like they’re more genuine and authentic with what they choose to share. It’ll be such a unique experience scrolling through and coming across TVF styles and how girls are styling them in their everyday lives.

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