36 Cuddly Animals From Australia for Those Who Are Scared of Snakes and Spiders

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If you get goosebumps when hearing about Australia because in your mind, it’s always been associated with something creepy and poisonous, you can relax while reading this article. Our Australia is charming, fluffy, and cuddly, it’s so sweet in fact, that you will completely change your stereotypes and add it onto your must-visit list.

We at Bright Side love all animals and can’t wait to show this selection to our readers. We also want you to check out our very important bonus.

1. “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

2. Okay, it’s time to meet a baby eastern quoll, and yes, this leopard print is real. Clearly, some are just born to be models.

3. Sugar gliders, they just had to add “sugar” into the name to complete this sweet look.

4. “Did someone say dessert? I’m in.”

5. That’s us when our alarm went off this morning.

6. This little baby roo got hurt and had to stay at the animal care center until he got healthy and mature enough to be released. How adorable does he look in his diaper!

7. “I can glide, I can climb. I am such a multitasker.”

8. C’mon, who could possibly say no to a cutie like this?

9. Sugar gliding invasion is too sweet to stop.

10. “I am a big boy, I am on duty today.”

11. I’m cutie-pie and I know it.

12. Koalas rarely drink, they get enough water from eucalyptus leaves. The word “koala” came from the Aboriginal word meaning “no drink.”

13. This 4-week-old dingo pup is cute as a button, but keep in mind, you don’t mess with dingoes.

14. Hundreds of volunteers help to raise these little ones who lost their moms, until they are ready to go back into the wild.

15. When this baby grey-headed flying fox was found it was thought that he was still about 2 weeks premature. The person who found him took him to a bat rehab. Eat well kid, get strong!

16. Enjoying a well-earned nap after playtime. Well, it’s a tough life.

17. Grey-headed flying foxes are very important for nature, they’re like bees for many Australian forests.

18. This baby brushtail possum looks like a little ninja on a mission.

19. A rare white short-beaked echidna, every girl wants to be a blond.

20. How charming is this western pygmy possum?

21. Baby numbat… That’s just cuteness at its highest level.

22. This black-flanked rock-wallaby looks like a handful. Literally.

23. Grown-up numbats are just as adorable as the babies.

24. Quokkas are definitely the world’s happiest animals. They always smile.

25. You can never have too many numbat pictures.

26. “Peekaboo, I can see you,” meet this happy baby wombat.

27. If you like quokkas, this double-quokka will make your day.

28. Meet Bilby, the Aussie “Easter Bunny.” Is it a mini mouse-and-rabbit combo?

29. Maaaa, can you go a little faster?

30. Welcome to the world, you are an eggcellent little turtle.

31. “Hi friend, got a fancy new hairdo?”

32. Eskimo kisses are simply the best.

33. Looks like it’s going to be a busy day at Daddy Day Care.

34. Hey girl, wanna grab a gum leaf sometime?

35. Did you call me a Tasmanian devil? More like a handsome sweetie!

36. This cheeky girl surely has something on her mind.

Bonus: Respect the wildlife

Although all the animals in our selection look very adorable and cuddly, we just wanted to remind our readers that if you find an injured or sick wild animal, contact a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible. Wild animals can get very stressed by being handled, so you should seek professional advice before handling an injured animal. In fact, some animals might become dangerous when stressed and kangaroos and koalas are the perfect examples of this.

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