45 DIY Nightstand Plans That You Can Easily Build

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The most functional and worthy piece of the bedroom furniture after the bed is a nightstand! By standing inside of your bed, it just plays a significant functional role there! From storing your night materials to holding your reading books and also an alarm clock, are the main purposes and roles of a nightstand! This is the piece there in your bedroom that brings a great character to your bedroom, and if come with stunning design appeal, it would also add great visual details in your bedroom! So, while being on the mission of bedroom organization, you just can’t go without adding a lovely nightstand in your bedroom! You will also be amazed to see that is it may be the one of the most expensive bedroom furniture also so if you don’t have much to spend on a bedside table this time then you can seek some great help from the DIY projects, always provides budget-friendly solutions to your expensive problems!

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So, you can also try making your beautiful nightstands at home that will be cost-efficient to make and will be just unbeatable in beauty and performance also! While making your nightstands, you will also have the freedom to add your own decided features in your design and the very blasting good news is that you can also build nightstands in your favorite dimensions that will fit your bedroom space! So, are you ready to build your own favorite nightstands at home in custom decided dimensions? Then just check out first these 45 DIY nightstand plans or DIY bedside table ideas that will provide you so many different designs to choose from, so you can easily select the one that will fit your bedroom decor style and also to your budget!

DIY Furniture Ideas You May Like:

Build a hollow wooden box and just finish it up with custom wooden legs and gain a lovely looking nightstand in no time! Again build an empty wooden box and finish it up with the metallic hairpin legs to gain a mid-century inspired nightstand that will bring a rustic decor touch to your bedroom! Grab also the IKEA wooden nightstands and paint them to match your bedroom decors and make beautiful nightstands at home, look at the given black and white striped nightstand, a brilliant sample here! Repurpose also the IKEA stools to make brilliant looking nightstands and also go handmade with the pallets to build rustic wooden bedside table for free!

The list will also guide you that how you can redecorate, refashion or revamp your old nightstand so they will look brand new and will match your bedroom decors! So, just browse the entire collection to see some more interesting homemade nightstand design and also click on the attached links to open complete project tutorials!

DIY Nightstands Tutorial:

Easy DIY Nightstands Tutorial

Your bedroom look is just so undone without a functional and fashionable nightstand standing beside your bed and holding a bunch of your possessions on it. So here is this DIY nightstand made out of the wooden planks and the tapered legs for that gorgeous mid-century look having been enhanced more with the brown staining. This lovely nightstand is just too easy to make on your own with the details given here to follow feasibly ceebeeandj

Easy DIY Mid Century Nightstand Tutorial:

How To Make A Mid Century Nightstand Tutorial

Give your bedrooms a more accomplished and enchanting look with this so pretty and functional nightstand. It exhibits a rich mid-century with its wooden cubic top, and the hairpin legs add the modern perks to the design of this lovely nightstand. So grab four wooden slats and combine them to form that cubic shaped top and add the hairpin legs and its done so simply, feasibly and cheaply. Learn the easy DIY tutorial here burkatron

DIY Antique Nightstand Revamp Tutorial:

Easy DIY Antique Nightstand Revamp Tutorial

If you are giving a makeover look to your bedroom, then you must be pondering upon the replacement of your nightstands with a more gorgeous and stylish pair. So here we offer you the idea of adding this antique-styled nightstand in your dream room but with the stylish revamped look. The nightstands have been painted in the awesomely cute hues of the matching bedroom decor to look complimentary and acutely befitting to your bedroom color scheme and decor theme. You can check out the details of this fun idea here sewwoodsy

DIY Striped Nightstand Ikea Hack Tutorial:

DIY Striped Nightstand Ikea Hack Tutorial

Its the possessions of your spaces that decides the overall look of your decor and home style and no doubt the nightstand play a vital role to make a bedroom look gorgeous. The more the nightstand is stylish and quirky the more it would add to the pretty vibes of your bedroom beauty. This black and white striped nightstand is just perfect to dazzle up the bedroom decor so easily and nicely. Just tape up your nightstand, spray paint it in your favorite hues and then take off the paint strips and its done. Tutorial details here seekatesew

Easy DIY Ikea Stool To Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Ikea Stool To Nightstand Tutorial

The kid’s room can also be furnished with the night stand to look so accomplished and functional by holding a bunch of cute kiddo stuff on it. You do not need to go handy with the tools and the wood when you can turn this simple yet usefully structured stool into a fun nightstand to put aside the bed of your kid. It would nicely hold the fun storybooks for the bedtimes making them easily accessed at the time. The unstained look just really bring the natural vibes and compliments the overall bedroom feel. Details are here everythingemilyblog

How To Build Distressed Nightstand Makeover Tutorial:

DIY Gold Distressed Nightstand Makeover Tutorial

Changing the color scheme or theme of your bedroom decor means you have to turn everything in the bedroom according to that specific decor concept of yours. So here this old nightstand made to look so stunning and chic in looks with a genius paintwork in coral and glitter. No doubt the nightstand turned out so hot and gorgeous with the glittery hardware adding more to its appeal and beauty. You can check out the easy tutorial of this brilliant makeover here thehappyhousie

DIY Pallet Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Pallet Nightstand Tutorial

Pallets are the best of the furniture materials for being cheap to gain and so easy and fun to work with. You can maneuver anything out of the pallet wood that you need like this pretty and functional pallet nightstand for your bedroom. With the easy pallet slat stacking method this useful nightstand has been structured up with lots of storage and that rustic texture and natural appeal to spruce up your bedroom beauty and style. Tutorial of making this pallet nightstand is here instructables

Easy DIY Tin Foil Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Tin Foil Nightstand Tutorial

The metallic furniture pieces are all the rage in the bedroom decor and widely used, and we know you also want one. So here is how you can grab a cheap and totally fun way to get a lovely metallic nightstand for your bedroom spaces that too without the metallic paint. You just to need to put on the tin foil over your nightstand it would all so sparkly and glam up. The tutorial details for this awesome makeover can be hacked from this link vintagerevivals

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DIY Julia Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Julia Nightstand Tutorial

Its the budget restrictions that make us miss those famously branded furniture possessions for favorite homey spaces like a cute and fashionable nightstand from IKEA or more. But thanks to the DIY projects and ideas which have made it all possible to hack those expensive possessions so easily at home. Here is this super gorgeous, chic and trendy nightstand made out of the wooden boards with a pink peony paint finish adding oodles of charm to the nightstand and your bedroom look too. You can access the tutorial right here shanty

Easy DIY Decoupaged Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Decoupaged Nightstand Tutorial

Update your bedroom look by restyling an old nightstand and make it look jazzed up and fun for your bedroom decor and here is a perfect inspiration. Here is this simple and old night stand turned into a sheer bedroom decor delight and that too w,ithout the messy work of the paint. Yes, the nightstand has been simply wrapped up with the pineapple wrap all over and looked just stunning and beautiful in that black and gold avatar. Catch the step by step details of the idea here starsforstreetlights

DIY Mirrored Nightstand Under 35 $:

DIY Mirrored Nightstand Tutorial

You would not be able to control your eyes going wide and your tongue uttering the words like WOW, Gorgeous and Brilliant after witnessing this amazing mirror makeover of an old and antique nightstand. The whole nightstand has been mirrored up with the cut to size pieces being carefully screwed up and those glassy knobs adding icing on the cake. If you are not good handling mirrors you can go to a mirror shop and they would do it all for you. Learn the details of the awesome makeover right here thesteenstyle

DIY Scrap Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Scrap Nightstand Tutorial

When you are a DIYer, you know the value of the old and retired pieces that how functionally they can be recycled and brought to service again. The super inspiring example is this old bathroom cabinet turned into an exquisite and totally useful night stand with a few alternations in the structure like adding the wooden top, cute pallet wood steps and the side covering with the scrap wood pieces. You can follow the written tutorial with pictures here instructables

DIY Cheese Box Nightstands Tutorial:

Easy DIY Cheese Box Nightstands Tutorial

The crafters just make the treasure out of the trash with their creative and unique approach to the common and thrown away possessions lying around us. The example is where with us where an old and empty cheese box has been turned into a fun and stand out piece of nightstand for your beds or the side tables for your living rooms. The only remodeling you can perform is paint them and add the wheels to the base. Steal the indestructible right here designsponge

Simple Build a Nightstand Tutorial:

How To Build a Simple Nightstand Tutorial

You can turn out some amazing furniture pieces out of the scrap wood and thus save yourself lots of time and money like this simple and gorgeous nightstand has been yielded out of a huge wooden scrap. The wooden top, the wood scrap drawer, and the false legs are the things you need to shape up this simple yet cute and functional nightstand to stand so proudly beside your bed and hold a bunch of your night essentials on it. You can learn to make it on your own here na-white

DIY Ikea Hack Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Ikea Hack Nightstand Tutorial

One of the fun and exciting factors about the IKEA hacks is that you can turn up your IKEA purchase into a custom possessions with the DIY touches added to the structure or the look of that item. This cute fact has been exemplified with this nightstand having been elevated in its look with the adorable paintwork on the top and the leggy support to meet the decor needs of your bedroom spaces. You can steal this simple and appealing IKEA hack right here kristimurphy

DIY Ikea Hack Nightstand Idea:

How To Build Ikea Hack Nightstand Idea

You do not need to spend a big fortune over the buying of those gorgeous but hefty priced IKEA possessions when you can easily hack them at home with the DIY tricks and twists. Here is this super cool and one of a kind nightstand piece to bring in your bedroom decor and dazzle it up. The night has been made with the four IKEA magazines holders and the simple wooden legs being nicely glued and painted in squares using the tape idea. You can catch the idea right on this link with these step by step details emerjadesign

DIY Ikea Rast Hack Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Ikea Rast Hack Nightstand Tutorial

You do not have to spend money on the new nightstand when you find your existing nightstand to be old fashion and not so fitting to your bedroom decor. You can restyle the old nightstand and make it look all new and fun and that too with easy makeover ideas like this nightstand have been gorgeously altered. The only changes made are painted new hardware, and it looks nothing less than a fresh, stylish piece.You can check out the details of this lovely remodeling idea here thesweetestoccasion

DIY Wood Embellished IKEA Lack Nightstand Tutorial:

How To DIY Wood Embellished IKEA Lack Nightstand Tutorial

Simplithe city is the real beauty, and this proverb comes so true to this pair of wooden night stand made out a cute yet cheap IKEA hack. Using the wooden slats and planks this simple and so common in design nightstand has been installed with a square top and the four leggy support. The white stain at the base and the brown at the top adds a cute combination of chic and rustic appeal to your bedroom decor. You can learn the idea right here to own this pretty nightstand pair for your bedroom’s upgraded look simplylkj

Easy DIY Ikea Lack Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Ikea Lack Nightstand Tutorial

Ikea lack tables are cheap and found in almost every house, but they are too simple and plain in looks so if you have one you need to make it look gorgeous and enchanting and we got you the pretty amazing makeover hacks. You can stain your table in black, add the pleather, to the top and cover the top trim with gold spray painted upholstered pins, and the table looks nothing an but a piece of sheer delight and fantasy. You can check out the details in an easy step by step tutorial right on this link provided lovelyindeed

DIY Hamper Side Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Hamper Side Nightstand Tutorial

Those expensive IKEA furniture items can now be made at home with the things lying around all you need to do is just a deep observation. TO boost up your imagination we got this IKEA nightstand hack for you to learn a lot from. This simple, functional and robust styled nightstand has been made from a cloth hamper frame and a wooden top with black and brown stain for that perfect industrial appeal and beauty. Learn the easy and quick tutorial right here thecleverbunny

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How To Build A Taller Nightstand Tutorial:

How To DIY Taller Nightstand Tutorial

Are you tossing off your old night stand just because it’s short in height? that is just so unfair with the nightstand as yo,u can make him grow to the perfect height you want with some genius IKEA hacks. Yes, you can get an IKEA lack table, chop off its legs with the desired measurements and then add the shortened table under your nightstand. Thus so simply and nicely you can achieve the perfect height for your nightstand and also a base shelf to hold more your storage knick-knack. You can check out the easy and fun details of the idea aright here remodelaholic

DIY Vintage Modern Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Vintage Modern Nightstand Tutorial

Give your old and simple looking nightstand a unique and modern look and that too with the easy of the supplies lying around you. Here is this lovely nightstand made to look so dashing and cool with some cute additions its embellishing and styling. The sonotubes has been hung up in the square base of the nightstands with the help of chains on both sides and make the table look so much pretty and charming. You can easily personalize your possessions with this method so do hack it here shadesofblueinteriors

DIY Dipped Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Dipped Nightstand Tutorial

A bedroom with sober decor looks so much impressive and peaceful too. So if you are also enjoying a subtle color scheme and a soft decor theme for your bedroom decor then its time to add some pop out of colors to the bedroom and enjoy some delight for the eyes. This beautiful dipped night stand would be the perfect idea to add the amazingly cute and bright colors in your bedroom decor and thus maintain the balance with the bright and subtle colors of your bedroom styling. The idea is too fun and easy, and can be hacked all here twinstripe

Easy DIY Ikea Hack Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Ikea Hack Nightstand Tutorial

The colors bring out the huge difference in the looks o your furniture possessions, and that is they paint coating is used as the most used makeover DIY hack to turn the old and dull things into excitingly new items. Here is this nightstand made, to look stunning and fresh with the new paint layers on it. The body has been stained in black, and the top has been restored to its woodish appeal with the walnut coating. The replacement of the knobs is also adding so pretty details to the restyling of this nightstand or dresser for your bedroom. You can catch the complete details of the idea here theaccentpiece

DIY Map Covered Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Map Covered Nightstand Tutorial

If you have those micke drawers lying around then its time to use them and enhance your storage space in your bedroom. You can fix them up your night, stand store your knick knack stuff in them like remotes, books and more. But before fixing them up, you can cover them with a map printed fabric for that perfect unique and quirky looks. You can also use the old maps instead of the paper if you do not have the fabric but the amps. You can check out the details of the idea right here ikeahackers

DIY Pink Campaign Style Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Pink Campaign Style Nightstand Tutorial

There are so many cost-efficient things that you can buy from the IKEA and turn them around in looks and functions to get the personalized and desired results. So here is this simple IKEA Rast being nicely made over to replace a nightstand in your bedroom. The only things done to this dresser turned night stands are the pinkish paint, and those fancy gold handles with the hinges. You can check out the complete tutorial here to get the details of this restyling right here vintagerevivals

DIY Farmhouse Chic Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY Farmhouse Chic Nightstand Tutorial

The nightstands cover a major part of your bedroom decor providing decorative and functional support to your bed so they ought to be gorgeous and well working. If you are also looking for a new pair of the nightstands then you can peek into this idea of IKEA Tarva dressers into the chic and stylish pair of nightstands with the addition of the fancy knobs, fun stain hues and the rocking wheels at the ends. The details are all lying here to let you learn the tutorial step by step thelilypadcottage

DIY Ikea Rast Hack Nightstands Tutorial:

How To Build Ikea Rast Hack Nightstands Tutorial

There are so many things around that can nicely replace the nightstands in your bedroom and allot your dreamy space a more accentuated and useful look and IKEA Rasts are just perfect for the purpose. You can turn a pair of IKEA rest into a fun nightstands of your choice to get them matched with your bedroom theme and color scheme and so easily and cheaply enjoy a lovely makeover of your bedroom spaces. You can check out the details of the idea right here theturquoisehome

DIY Raskog Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Raskog Nightstand Tutorial

Carts are one of the easiest and the quickest solutions to the storage problems as they come with enough storage space to hold your knick knack stuff on. But there is another use that the carts can perform and that is serving you as the perfectly cute and functional nightstand for your bedsides with your books, clocks, and lamps nicely organized on the shelf layers. You can make it look apt to your bedroom decor with the makeover touches by the paint and more. Details are here theeverygirl

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand Tutorial:

How To Build Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand Tutorial

All of us have always wished to have the pottery barn possessions in our home decor and furnishing department but why waste money when you can make the same pottery barn like furniture pieces on your own with the same beauty and style. Here is this lovely and functional three-tiered pottery barn styled nightstand for your bedroom with the cross design at the sides and the eye-catching yellow paint finish to add oodles of charm to the nightstand. You can easily learn the tutorial here anikasdiylife

DIY 3 Drawer Nightstand Tutorial:

DIY 3 Drawer Nightstand Tutorial

A rustic touch to a modern bedroom just balances the vibes there and make it look so accomplished and fun to enjoy a complete decorative look. Here is this traditional kind of nightstand pair to add in your bedroom decor with three drawers for enough storage to hold your knick-knack and more. The distressed finish a the appealing chic handles make it a perfect piece to fit in a trendy and modern chic bedroom with its sleek design adding more icing on the cake. You can learn to make it right on this link fixthisbuildthat

Modern DIY Industrial Nightstand Tutorial:

Modern DIY Industrial Nightstand Tutorial

Every bedroom has its charm and appeal and a pair of new night stands should adjust to that custom decorative vibes of your places. You can make one so that it totally fits into your bedroom theme and style and this nigh stand turned out from an IKEA dresser is an amazing idea to go with. The dresser has been painted din chic white, applied with the metal ring overlays on the drawers and the hair pin legs to spruce up its modern look. You can check out the details of this modernistic nightstand makeover here simplydesigning

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DIY Liberty Of London Floral Nightstand Ikea Hack Tutorial:

Easy DIY Liberty Of London Floral Nightstand Ikea Hack Tutorial

A floral design or pattern can add instant cool and pretty views to any of your places with lively decor effects. So here is how you can bring the floral fun in your bedroom with these floral night stands to stand proudly at your bedsides. It’s just that you need to cover the nightstand parts with the floral fabric before assembling it and it would all done in so much easy and fun way. You can check out the details of the fun idea right here to enjoy the adorable and delightful bedroom possessions seekatesew

DIY Dog Crate Nightstands Tutorial:

DIY Dog Crate Nightstands Tutorial

How about you and your dog staying together at night too so that you do not have to wake up again and again in the middle of your sleep to check on your four-legged buddy. So this nightstand plus dog house is the perfect thing to get in your bedroom as it would not serve your bed as the lovely and functional side table but also a fun and comfy place for your dog to rest in also. This double functional dog house cum nightstand would so much easy to make on your own with all the details and instructions given here with free plan hometalk

DIY Nightstand Ikea Lack Table Hack Tutorial:

Easy DIY Nightstand Ikea Lack Table Hack Tutorial


DIY Bouquet Nightstand Tutorial:

How To Build Bouquet Nightstand Tutorial


How To Build A Nightstand Tutorial:

How To Build A Nightstand Tutorial

When you are familiar with the woodworking then making your furniture possessions is the best way to get your spaces the custom-built pieces with personalized touches and also save yourself a huge amount of money. So here is this simple yet modern looking nightstand to fit in your chic styled bedroom alongside your pretty fashionable bed with the matching hues. Just get the wooden planks and stack them together according to the design and then paint and it’s done so beautifully and easily.Tutorial details here accidentalsuburbanites

Easy DIY Curvy Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Curvy Nightstand Tutorial

Its time to move forward from your square designs and projects in the woodworking and build something tough and challenging like this, pretty and cute night stand with curvy legs. Just trim down a wooden round top and saw down the curvy legs and then screw the parts together. Lastly, stain the nightstand in the pretty white hues of the paint for the perfect modern and chic look to be added in your bedroom or the living.You can get the step by step details of the design right here crystelmontenegro

Super Easy How To Build Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy How To Build A Super Easy Nightstand Tutorial

Need a nightstand for your bedroom? Here is this lovely nightstand which is simple, stylish and feasible in design to get your hands dirty with at home. You would need a few planks of the wood to form up the rectangular box styled top and the triangular shed legs. The white stain is making the nightstand look so elegant and gorgeous to suit a modern themed bedroom decor. You can get the easy details of the night stand making right here remodelaholic

DIY Dixie Nightstand Painted Furniture Makeover Tutorial:

DIY Dixie Nightstand Painted Furniture Makeover Tutorial

Giving a makeover to your old furniture is the best way to add new charms to your decor and that too with fraction cost. Here we are with an awesome idea of sparky makeover given to this old and boring nightstand, and it has been styled up to look so stunning and delightful. Just sand your old nightstand, then paint and add that glittery effect on the drawer edges and the legs and the nightstand is just ready to rock your home decor. Here is the link to grab the details of the makeover with easy steps and instructions dododsondesigns

Easy DIY Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Nightstand Tutorial

The paintwork can bring up the desired charm and elegance to your furniture possessions and also giving you a huge opportunity to award the amazing makeover looks to the old items and make them look so stunning and fun at the lowest of the cost. The perfect example is this pretty and traditional dresser turned into an appealing and classic piece just with the paint coats of so fresh and delightful hues of the blue. You can check out the easy tutorial details here inmyownstyle

DIY Nightstand With Pull-Out Ledge Tutorial:

DIY Nightstand With Pull-Out Ledge Tutorial

If you need two cute nightstands for your girl’s bedroom then this is an apt kind of pair to get your hands on. These super gorgeous nightstands with the drawer, a basket shelf at the base and a pull out ledge is just the perfect piece that would suit your girl’s space. They can store their possessions in the drawers and use the pullout shelf to write on. So this is an art project to get your hands on and regulate your girl’s room so beautifully and functionally. You can check out the details of the idea here jaimecostiglio

Built A Nightstand Tutorial:

How To Build A Nightstand Tutorial

The modern furniture focuses more on the shapes, designs and the style of the furniture pieces to intimidate the home decor with.  So those who are hunting down the fashionable nightstand pieces they would love to have these super cool night stands in their bedroom and enhance the style of their dreamy spaces.They are unique in design and got so much space on the top and under it to use for the storage and knick-knack stuff to be housed there. The stain hues can be varied to get more custom and personalized results. You can get the tutorial of this enchanting night stand pair here i_built_some_nightstands

Easy DIY Modern Nightstand Tutorial:

Easy DIY Modern Nightstand Tutorial

Its time to reuse your old magazines in the most functional and fun way that you could ever think of.  Making an easy wooden square box out of the wooden planks and then adding magazine layers to the top and the base the nightstand with the perfect height has been created. With the matching paint hues and the wheels, it has been elevated more to look so gorgeous and stylish for your modern bedroom. You can hack the feasible details of the idea here Check out the fun tutorial here with all the easy to follow instructions theyearoflivingfabulously

Creative and Chic DIY Nightstands Tutorial:

Creative and Chic DIY Nightstands Tutorial

Here is another interesting project to let you know how you can turn a whole table into halves and use each half to be mounted on the walls on both sides of your bed, and here you go with the unique and the fun kind of nightstands to adorn your bedroom with. The matching hues of your bedroom decor on your nightstand pair would add more to the beauty and style of your new nightstands possessions. You can check out the step by step details of this amazing idea here hgtv

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