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Notebooks can be seen in everyone’s hands who goes to a school, college or an office! The notebooks come in handy to make a custom to-do list of entire week tasks, to write down your monthly plans and also jot down the office notes and several different items! However, you can go for a new purchase of the notebook whenever going to a new school or the new work is going to start! This is because of the reason that buying notebooks can get expensive sometime so this is not going to affordable for all!

Again the DIY is here for a big and great rescue! Just make your fab looking notebooks at home, and this is not going to be rocket science! Without any experience or skill, you can make the notebook covers at home like a pro! So, if you need to see some samples first to take a better start then have a look at these 30 DIY notebook cover ideas that are amazingly cool and genius and will enchant your eyes with their colorful appeal! Time to make your special notebooks at home or you can also bring them by design the enticing notebook covers!

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Just cover the notebook covers with a fabric having custom prints and upgrade them beautifully! Also, paint custom shapes, and pattern on the notebook covers to decorate them beautifully! Next, you can also make use of washi tape stripes to give some cool effects to your notebooks covers and bring also a big wow factor to your notebooks covers by decorating them with the scrapbook paper cut out that will bring some great dramatic effects to your DIY notebooks! There are just never-ending ways to design a notebook cover beautifully using only your creativity and imaginations!

Make the brilliant watercolor painted notebook covers for your notebooks and also adorn your notebook covers by adding awesome gold polka dots that will really rock on the black notebook coves! Update your notebook covers by adhering custom monograms and letters and also make the wooden notebook covers using the wooden vinyl adhesives!

Crafts for Kids:

Next, you can also marbleize your notebook covers by using the marble contact paper, and at the same time, you can also make use of the custom wallpapers to decorate your notebook covers instantly and beautifully! Make the awesome ombre notebook covers and also make use of diagonal tape strips to spice up your notebook covers! Also, make use of glitter washi tape to fancy up your notebook covers and also glue the custom letters and numerals on the match notebook covers that will really rock and will dazzle all the audience! Check out more DIY notebook cover ideas given below in list and open the complete project tutorials and step-by-step instructions by browsing the attached links!

How to Make a Customize Notebook:

Make your notebooks look so much fun and stunning with the gorgeous scrapbook paper being wrapped up around. Making your notebooks covered you can easily turn their look and make them look so much interesting and fun from being dull and boring. Here are the details of the idea to do this cool and fun notebook cover project on your delineateyourdwelling

Beautiful DIY Fabric Notebook Covers:

Notebooks are so necessary for all of us to keep our important notes and dates and here is the idea of making your notebooks look so much gorgeous and fun with the pretty covers. So to make your notebooks look totally awesome and fun, you can use the pretty and colorful fabric quarters and make the notebooks so much decorative and fun for your table display. Here are the complete details of doing this notebook makeover on your own crazylittleprojects

DIY Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks:

Its important for the kids to keep their notebooks covered up so nice and neatly and here is how you can do it cheaply, uniquely and so cost efficiently at home. The veneer wood in the thin layer has been used to cover up the notebooks, and the leather pieces have been used cover the bindings in multiple colors to sort out the notebooks. They would really make a pretty gift idea for your little ones so do have it all cleared here papernstitch

How To Make Washi Tape Notebooks:

The school going kids have a bunch of the notebooks for each of their subject and covering them up can be really costly, but you can do it nice and cost freely at home using the colorful and adorable in patterns washi tapes. So grab a bunch of the washi tapes in multiple colors and designs and start styling up your notebooks with them and you are done with a really cool and fun project. You can check out the complete details and instructions of the idea right on the link here liagriffith

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DIY Kate Spade Knockoff Notebooks:

If you look at the gorgeous and stylish notebooks of your friends and wish to have them then here is how you can own them on your own. Using some black card stock and the golden paper for dots you can instantly beautify your notebook possessions and that too so cheap and nicely. You can check out the complete details of this idea right on the link here to know the complete how-to of it onceuponherdream

Unique DIY Notebooks Covers:

Its time to relive some of the beautiful memories of the school life by making your kids these gorgeous notebook covers. With the colorful construction paper being neatly wrapped and the glitter sheet numbers being glued on top the notebook cover has been made to look so pretty, and the subject title makes it look more complete and beautiful. You can check out the details of the idea right on the link here tonerrefillstore

Cute DIY Notebooks Cover:

A custom notebook on your homework desk is something that would really add to the beauty and style of your working spaces and delight you up every time you would approach it to note down something on it. So you can cover your notebooks with any of the colorful and cute paper you like and embellish it with the stickers or flowers and you are done with it. You can follow the complete details of the idea right on the link here lwvogue

Awesome DIY Notebook Cover:

Turn your notebook into a total fancy piece for your tables or the desks and that too with the least of the cost. Yes just grab the lovely fabric piece lying around and cover your notebook with it and lastly make a lovely initial of your name from a cor coordinating fabric to be attached at the right corner and you are done with a gorgeous makeover of your boring notebook. Follow the easy and fun tutorial of the idea right on the link here busybeingjennifer

DIY Vintage Inspired Notebook Cover:

If you are a person who likes everything groomed up, then you should really be giving some makeover touches to your notebooks too who almost get ignored as we focus on the beautification of major things in the house. So here is the idea of covering up your notebooks with the cute little pieces of the lace ribbons and no doubt it had turned out to be so damn gorgeous and perfect. Here are the details of the idea to know more about this project mayarts

How to Make Traveler’s Notebook Cover:

If anyone of your travel-loving friend is planning another adventurous tour then here is the perfect gift for your buddy to make yourself at home. This is a pretty and cute notebook to note down addresses, important notes and more and the self-decoration of the notebook with painted leather and a cute little silver turtle just add the perfect whimsy touch to it and we know you want to make one too and here are the details of the idea citygirlplanners

DIY Good Reminder Notebook Cover:

Thanks to the notebooks for protecting our so much important notes and tasks and work as the functional reminders of important dates and the occasions too. Over a plain cover of your notebook you can add some reminding phrases by cutting out the coordinating paper letters just like the Pay Attention phrase has been used here and here are the details of doing it nice and easily at home on your own sugarandcloth

DIY Customizable Notebooks Cover:

There are so many cute and fun ways to make your dull and boring notebooks turn out to be super gorgeous and fun as there is a huge variety of the papers available that you can use to charm up the notebooks with. So here is how a colorful flower printed ann white band black boho designed paper has been used to cover up two notebooks of yours. You can use two cute washi tape bars to title up the notebooks and it’s done. Here are the complete details of the notebook makeover idea potterybarn

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook:

Blue is the color of the summers and here is how you can make the most out of it and and here is how you can bring some of the summer blues on your notebooks that you use personally or the one for your kids. So all you need to do is just gran a thin fabric of any kind around you and stain it in blue shades to make it look so much stunning and beautiful as a notebook cover and that too at least of the cost and hassle. Here are the details of the idea alyssaandcarla

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DIY Harry Potter Hogwarts Notebooks Cover:

Every home has some harry potter lovers in there, and there are so many ways to celebrate and enjoy your love for the movie, and you can help your kids in this too. So this time you can make them these adorable Hogwarts house notebooks on your own and let your kids enjoy some wizard school fun. Just print out the Hogwarts copy prints in red, blue, green and yellow with pale yellow strips in each of the patterns and here are the details of it polkadotchair

Easy DIY Homemade Journals Covers:

The Holiday season is coming, and you would be wondering for the beautiful gifts for the people around and here is how you can make the gorgeous journals or the notebooks in adorable colors and designs and use them as the perfect of the gifts one could use for them too. You can print out your own design and patterns over the card stock and then use them in your favorite hues to make these pretty and fun journals. Here are the complete details of the idea abeautifulmess

Make Printable Boss Lady Notebook Covers:

If you are an office worker then here is the idea of creating these super chic and fun looking notebooks for your desks that would be noticed by everyone around. So with the gorgeous and funky prints on the card stock, you can easily install these gorgeous and fun covers for your office use and also use them as the gifts for your colleagues and the boss too. The lipstick, banana and the lady boss face prints look super adorable and modern. Here are the details of the idea studiodiy

DIY Pointillism Notebook Cover:

There are so many ways to make your notebooks look so much unique and custom for your personal use and here is the coolest and the cutest idea to work on this time. Yes, you can just draw the words on your notebooks that are relative and make them look so much colorful with the dots using the sharpie markers and here are the details of doing it on your own. Link here thecraftedlife

DIY Printable Watercolor Notebook Covers:

Watercolors are so much fun to use and to create some fantastic art pieces from them and here is how you can make the gorgeous notebook cover from the watercolor fun. Yes, you can mix up some lovely paint hues of the watercolors and write down some notebook related phrases on it using the templates and thus the unique but totally custom in style notebook covers. Follow the complete tutorial details of the idea right on the link eighteen25

Easy To Make Chalkboard Notebook Covers:

This is the unique and the fun idea to dress up your notebooks or the book for yourself or for students in your house. You do not need any cover to lend the cute makeover to your notebook but the chalkboard paint. Yes brush up the chalkboard paint over the notebook cover, and then you can pour all your imagination and crafting skills on it using the chalk be it writing some phrases or creating a design. Here are the complete details of the idea makinghomebase

DIY Golden Planner Cover:

Mostly the notebooks we buy from the market are just black covered, and we do not bother to change it or make it look a bit spruced up now you can do and that too in a really gorgeous and fun way. Yes by using some gold vinyl sheet you can cut out the year numbers and the gold polka dots to be glued on the black cover of your diary or the notebook and its all styled up to look super cute and fantastic. You can check out the details of the idea right on the link here homeyohmy

How To DIY Cover A Boring Notebook:

Here is another fun way to spruce up the of your notebooks on your own by creating these super cool and totally custom pieces of the notebook covers on your own. You can use your printer and create this paint brush printed paper to dress up your pretty notebooks with. You can use any of your favorite images to be printed on your paper, and that too in your favorite hues and thus enjoy a totally personalized dress up for your notebook or the reminder. Here are the complete idea details to know it more better revelandglitter

DIY Eyelet Bound Notebooks Cover:

Here is the Martha Stewart inspired notebook idea to make your notebooks turn out to be super gorgeous and fun and also professional looking too. So grab any of your favorite card stock in the colors and the design and glue them up over your notebook using the eyelets and you are done with the most gorgeously and modernly spruced up notebooks ever. Here are the details of the idea to know it more better damasklove

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How To Make Vintage Cover for Notebook:

If you are thinking about the cute and fun notebooks to use as the perfect holiday gift, then you are thinking right, and here we got you the perfect idea of creating these colorful and cute pocket notebooks on your own at home. Using some cue and colorfully printed notebooks with the name templates on it you can easily customize these gifts for your dear and near ones and they would just love it. Follow the complete tutorial details of the idea here designisyay

How To Sewing Notebook Cover:

You will be amazed to see this gorgeous and fun cover for your notebook that is so much interesting and immensely functional at the same time. Yes, wit some cute and colorful fabric the zipper has been made, and you can use it as the unique and fun kind of notebook cover for your notebook. So now you can keep up the pencils in the zipper, and you would not have to find one while you need to note down something on your notebook. Here are the details of the idea with complete instruction so do follow sewspire

Make Colorful Dot Notebook:

Here is the easiest and fun way to make your notebooks look so much gorgeous and stunning and that too at the least of the hassle and cost too. So grab some lovely and designed washi tape in two colors and designs and yoke them together and then punch them out as the gorgeous circles. Lastly, glue the circles on the notebook covers, and your notebook has been jazzed up and here are the details of it momentstolivefor

DIY  Custom Notebook Cover:

If you are not that much of a fan of the regular notebook covers and want to make some unique and quirky kind of cover, then we got you the perfect idea. So using the old notebook papers, you can cover up the notebook of yours and then hand draw any of your favorite images on it and you are done with the most custom and the most personalized book cover ever. Here the image of the owl has been drawn; you can vary the image to make it look more personalized. Here are the details of the idea madepeachy

Pretty DIY Duct Tape Notebook Cover:

The duct tape is available in so many colors, and this thing has made a lot of projects of rafts so much more easy and fun for you. The colorfully gorgeous tape has been used on the cover of the notebook in pretty stripes, and that has made the notebook look so much stunning and gorgeous. You can check out the complete details and the instructions of the idea here to perform this task so much interestingly. Link here 101ducttapecrafts

Simple DIY Duct Tape Book Covers:

Your favorite books on the bookshelf can be awarded a fancy and fun makeover to look so decorative on the shelf to rest for long and here is how you can do the fun work. Yes with the use of the duct tape and some pretty paper or the fabric you can instantly make your books look safe and pretty and totally adding some cute touches to your shelf decor too. Follow the easy details and the instructions right on the link here fiskars

DIY Colorful Book covers for Back To School:

There is just a variety of ways to beautify your notebooks and make them look so much stunning and fun and here is another cool and fun idea to try the next time you would be styling up the notebooks. So take a lot of colorful papers and start making squares out of them from a bigger size to gradually becoming small and then glue them to each other in a folding manner and you are done with the notebook covering. Here are the details of the idea to know more about the project and perform it easily at home suzyssitcom

Make Ombre Journals Cover:

Easy DIY Ombre Journals Cover

Here is another interesting and cool idea to dress up your notebooks in an awe-inspiring and fun way and you would absolutely love to try it for yours. The colorful papers that you want to wrap up around the notebooks have been made to look ombre in shades using the baby wipes and then glued to the notebooks for the perfect rich appeal and beauty to adore. You can check out complete details of the idea right on the link here damasklove

30 DIY Notebook Cover Ideas | DIY Notebooks

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