Watch: Kim Seo Hyung And Oh Na Ra Shock “Ask Us Anything” Cast With Zealous Performances

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Kim Seo Hyung and Oh Na Ra caught the cast of “Ask Us Anything” off guard with their unexpected sides.

The two actresses from JTBC’s “SKY Castle” guested on the February 9 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” which set record-breaking ratings.

On the show, Kim Seo Hyung and Oh Na Ra showed their unexpected comical sides and made the cast and viewers explode with laughter. Kim Seo Hyung showed her quirky charms by dancing several times in the middle of the broadcast. She confessed, “I actually have a lot of enthusiasm.” She also added that the reason why she is one of the last people to remain at after parties is because of the karaoke and proved her addiction to singing by enthusiastically singing “Now” by Seoul Family.

In the later segment of the show, Kim Hye Yoon made a short appearance and expressed surprise as she saw Kim Seo Hyung joyfully dancing to “Gangnam Style.”

Oh Na Ra didn’t lack with passion either. She mentioned she used to be in the cheerleading squad in her college days and showed off her cheer moves.

She also showed off her strong vocals as a musical actress by singing “What’s Wrong with my Age?” by Oh Seung Keun.

Kim Seo Hyung and Oh Na Ra completely departed from their “SKY Castle” characters, surprising everyone with their down-to-earth personalities. Lee Sang Min commented, “We are seeing sides of Kim Seo Hyung we haven’t before. It is my first time seeing her act so cute. I only saw her in dramas previously.”

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