Do It Yourself Art Using Confetti

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Check out our simple DIY tutorial here! I know you love cheap and easy projects as much as I do so this one is sure to please your budget bone.

Then I got thinking you could use the confetti art canvas idea to make a really fun and sparkly headboard or piece of art for your home. Using nine little canvases, glue the confetti closer together on the top and then as you work your way down the canvases, have the confetti tapper off. It’ll appear as if pretty gold confetti is raining down on you as you sleep.

Or, you could use the canvases as a really amazing dessert table or photo booth backdrop for your wedding or event (and then use them in your home afterwards)!

Oh, how perfect would that be?

You could always use the extra gold craft paper to make a snazzy garland that would look adorable just about anywhere in your home.

What else could you use canvas confetti art for in your life? You know I’m always up for your creative ideas!

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